ABOUT Exiles tactical

Who we are

Who are we? We are protectors, problem solvers, and most of all hard working Americans.
Exiles Tactical was founded on the idea of bringing premium tactical apparel and equipment to consumers at an affordable price.
Our intention is to provide customers with access to high quality and exceptionally made tactical gear and equipment. Although we aren’t the biggest dog in the game, we will work to leave a name for ourselves and to help every citizen we can with the name of our brand.
Exiles Tactical stands behind all of our products with a 12-month, no-questions-asked return policy and remains dedicated to providing consistently exceptional customer service.
These simple values along with our outstanding and impressive line of product offerings are intended to ensure first-time customers become repeat customers who understand the critical need for a finely crafted and highly functional gear intended for use in any specific situation or circumstance..

We don’t make products just to be slightly different than what is already on the market. Our products have to be better, much better. Otherwise there is no point.

Brian Young - CEO OF Exiles Tactical


How we come to success

We only release products that we are proud of.

The culture at Exiles Tactical  is defined by innovation. Our innovation is driven by pure passion for the products. Everyone who works at Exiles Tactical  is a daily user of the products, so the anticipation for the next collection is shared by the entire team. If something doesn’t genuinely excite us, we don’t do it.

Our business is built on mutual trust with our customers.

Our returning customer rate is double the industry standard for a reason; we prioritize providing value that leads to a trusting relationship rather than a bunch of one-time purchases. Our customers become lifelong fans because they understand what we are about and once you’ve tried our products, the alternatives won’t even seem like an option.








We stand by our front line.