2018 Military Grade Tactical Softshell Jacket Army Green / Xs Apparel
2018 Military Grade Tactical Softshell Jacket Apparel
2018 Military Grade Tactical Softshell Jacket Black / Xs Apparel
2018 Military Grade Tactical Softshell Jacket Gray / Xs Apparel
2018 Military Grade Tactical Softshell Jacket Sand / Xs Apparel
2018 Military Grade Tactical Softshell Jacket Acu / Xs Apparel
2018 Military Grade Tactical Softshell Jacket Apparel
2018 Military Grade Tactical Softshell Jacket Apparel
2018 Military Grade Tactical Softshell Jacket Apparel
2018 Military Grade Tactical Softshell Jacket Apparel
2018 Military Grade Tactical Softshell Jacket Apparel
2018 Military Grade Tactical Softshell Jacket Khaki / Xs Apparel

2021 Military Grade Tactical Softshell Jacket

Regular price $200.00 Sale price $56.99

Made with premium Polyester softshell, our Tactical Jacket keeps you warm, dry and comfortable in any environment. This durable jacket seals out cold and rainy weather, wicks away moisture and provides breathability without sacrificing an ounce of warmth. Multiple pockets along the exterior, along with two internal pockets, hold and protect your personal belongings.


  • Outer: 100% polyester softshell, four-way stretch ripstop
  • Fine fleece lining for warmth and comfort
  • Double-layer reinforced forearms
  • Drawstring waistband and adjustable wrist cuffs for a customized fit
  • Two internal pockets
  • Vertical zippered additional pockets for gloves or other accessories
  • Zippered arm pockets
  • Minimalistic (No Brand Added)

Uses: Hunting, L.E.O, Military, Airsoft, Daily Wear



Why Exiles Tactical Jacket?

Because we deliver the same premium quality as other name brands with a 1/4 of the price. Don't overspend!

Windproof & Premium Material

Cuffs tighten and loosen custom to your needs. 

Durable and Wear Resistance

Sewed reinforcement in 40 different parts.  

Fine Worksman Details

Perfect Stitching Process

High Quality Zippers

We don't cheap out on the important parts like our zippers. Feel the quality and ensure a tight and secure zip.  

Additional Pockets and Zippers

Our variety of zippers allow you to store important essentials and necessities in several different pockets.

Breathable for any situation

A unique zipper design in both armpits to prevent any overheating and additional flexibility for any job or outdoor activity. 

Testimonial & Customer Reviews

Best Bang for your Buck.

Great jacket with features found in very upscale outerwear. I LOVE that it gas pit zips which are rarely found one soft shells. I got my normal Large size which looked great, but I'm using this for snowboarding and bending over to strap in bindings it is too short in the shoulders and sleeves so I'm returning for an XL (6'1" 175 lb). The front pockets are a bit small but great for pocket camera or phone. Also the lumbar pocket is great for beanie, glove liners, etc. and the sleeve zips are great for lift pass, tools, herbs, keys, etc. Finally some great colors too - the dark grey is great with a slap-on American flag patch.

Great Quality for a Great Price.

This is not a heavy jacket but sure seems like one. We had a pretty windy day out last week. This light weight shell is very warm and completely keeps the wind out. I also used it while I was fishing in the rain and completely water resistant. Love it. The hood is perfectly shaped to fit with a bill that keeps both sun and rain off your face. All the pockets are great as well. Bought two.

Best jacket I have ever owned.

Very nice jacket. Perfect fit and looks like it was custom tailored to fit me. I and 5'9" 36" waist with a 44" chest. I ordered the US large size the jacket was labeled XL. Fit me perfectly. Plenty of room to move freely yet it does not look too big on me. Very comfortable. I really like all the pockets this jacket has. Even though the hood is not detachable, it hangs nicely and is not bothersome like some other hooded jackets I have owned. I really like this jacket for fit, feel, and overall comfort. No doubt the most comfortable jacket I have ever owned. This jacket is also a wind stopper. Keeps me very warn and comfortable in cold wind.

Great Fall Weather Light Jacket

I bought a size S and its dimension is exactly as described in the product description (not the size chart). If you are used to just using the size like S,M, L, etc. this might run a bit small. For me, this jacket is the best fitting jacket I've ever had...I'm very pleased with it from the fit stand point.

This jacket is light weight and may not be warm enough for snow without additional layers of clothing. It is just perfect for me in southern CA weather (in the 40's and 50's). The material appears to be waterproof but it might be leaky where there are thread sewings and zippers. I haven't tried it in the rain yet so can't report. The hood is really large which provides great coverage for your head and face against the wind, sun and rain. You won't need a hat.

The zippers do not appear to be very heavy duty. I just got this and everything is fine...time will tell whether it will hold up to heavy use.

I bought the Army Camo and it's very similar to the US Army Multicam/Scorpion but not quite the same both in the pattern and the color tone. This jacket has more brown and pink tone. Having said that this would match very well with the US Multicam pants and shirts

Good Quality.

This is a super high quality piece of gear for the price. It has amply pockets and some nice features. The only "odd" thing about it is that the zipper zips from the "wrong side". All of my other jackets have the zipper handle on the right side, while this one is on the left. So the initial zipping was a little awkward, but once it's zipped it doesn't matter. The shoulder velcro is nice for patches or insignias. It's a little warmer than I expected. I thought I was getting just a thin shell, but it's got a little bit of a liner to it, so it's definitely not a summer rain jacket. I will wear the heck out of this thing in spring and fall, though

Awesome Tactical Jacket!

I love this product, really versatile wear, both with its in and out of use hood, keeps me warm but does not give me that overheating sense. Very durable, and tactical looking, which is the main reason i got it, the second was because I needed protection from the inclement weather. I would recommend to many of my friends, especially the ones who served with me in the Military. It truly feels like I am wearing a Gortex, but even better. Keep up the good work lady's and gentlemen.

Don't forget to double check your size for the best custom fit!

100% Military Grade Technology 

All Jackets are made to withstand anything you throw at it. 

30-Days Money Back Guarantee

You can always have your money back if you are not satisfied with the product