How to Shoot Like The Pros

First things first anyone wondering. I am not a pro, but I do love shooting and I have a pretty good sense about guns and my ability to shoot.

To get straight into things to want to shoot like the pros from your average Joe Montana you need to have a firm understanding of guns and fundamentals. What you see on Hollywood and in the movies is much different from what happens in the real world. Im going to break this post down into phases on helping you improve your shot. Whether its too impress your date when you take up that groupon to the shooting range, or your trying to be instagrams next tactical viral video I got you with the help you need to step your game up!

Phase ONE: Education.

How many times have you heard the term mind over matter? The mind is truly powerful and no matter what kind of gun you have, whether it be the most expensive or prettiest it wont matter unless your mind is in the right place! We live in a great time where we evolved from shooter magazine and have everything we need on the almighty YOUTUBE.COM. Some of the worlds best show you what it takes to improve your skill set. My personal favorite shooter that you have to definitely check out is Lucas from T.REX ARMS. Ill link to one of my favorite videos here on isolating fundamentals and to shoot better. But take from this LEARN. LEARN. LEARN. Understand the game and the rest of it will fit together like a puzzle.


Now there are a variety of ways to "Get comfortable" starting with holding a gun, taking it apart, feeling it. But my personal favorite would be to buy an airsoft gun. Crazy right? Well if your like me and you live in a liberal state. Playing with a firearm on your property without much knowledge isn't the smartest choice. With an airsoft gun your able to shoot on your property, learn the mechanics, get a feel for the real thing. Think of it like the training wheels on your bike. I would never want my kids to hop on the real thing. It takes time and patience to learn, but eventually you get the hang of things. I believe playing airsoft when I was much younger has truly improved my ability to shoot and handle weapons TREMENDOUSLY. The first time I picked up a real gun I surprised everyone. I was able to do things that intermediates were able to do my first time. This was because I was comfortable. I knew how a gun functioned and it wasn't a huge jump from what I used growing up.

Shooting Practice at the gun range

Phase Three (Practice. PRACTICE. PRACTICE!!)

To become great at anything you need to practice. Once you've sponged up all the information you know on guns and you've gotten comfortable you need to practice to become better. Practice with blanks, practice dry firing, reloading, a draw. There are a multitude of things to practice. Once you take your game to the range and practice every thing after that is cake. Hone in your weaknesses and improve. Like always Youtube is your best friend. I'm definitely not a pro, but when Im at the range the employees treat me like I'm a veteran especially at my young age. I am the first to teach my friends and break there cherry when it comes to the range because of those simple things I did that I'm now passing on to you. Become great, help and inspire people around you.

Like always Be Tactical, Be Sexy friends!

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