Vehicle Every Day Carry Items (ESSENTIALS)

Besides our homes we live in and the offices we work at. Our vehicles are where we spend some of the most time in our entire lives. Think about all the long road trips, the commute to work, to travel just about anywhere. 

This is why being prepared for just about anything and having an Every Day Carry in your car is perfect for any emergencies or accident that may happen. Although Ive never been in an accident myself I sure have been close. With all the WONDERFUL drivers in our country especially the East Coast I know Ive had some pretty close calls with these AMAZING drivers. 

Anyways, lets not get side tracked. In my car I always carry a few essentials that I need. Heres a bullet point list below and Ill explain each items purpose.

Vehichle EDC

  • G.P.S/ Map

  • Pepper Spray

  • Chipotle Napkins

  • Sunglasses

  • Knife plus Glass Breaker

  • Insurance/Registration

  • Phone Charger

Now I started out with a GPS or Map because navigation is key especially on the road. I cant tell you how many times my phone has failed me when Ive been using its own GPS. You can lose service, battery can overheat, the phone can die, countless things can happen. My own GPS that actually connects to a satellite is my back up and can sometimes be more reliable than what I have on my phone. AND if World War 3 rains down on us than Ill have my trusty o'le map to guide me to the safe haven if all else fails.

I carry pepper spray in my car because ill never know who or what Im gonna come across. Look theres alot of crazies out there and the last thing you want to do is get hurt. I would honestly get something a bit more tactical like a stun gun or even a concealed carry (I live in a liberal state) if I could. The next step down from that tier is a high grade pepper spray from Amazon or your local tactical store. Pepper spray has the ability to neutralize the threat without permanently harming anyone and gives you the opportunity to escape. The state I live in its pretty much if your in trouble, just run. If you do anything else than you can potentially get charged with assault (Pretty Crummy I know).

Now Chipotle Napkins. These are really the key to having a good vehicle EDC. Let me tell you why. These napkins are free and there plentiful. Ive used them in a multitude of scenarios. Squishing a giant spider in my car, blowing my nose, cleaning any spills, wiping down my sweat. The list goes on. Just have some napkins on you. They always come in handy.

Sunglasses. So you don't go blind and you look cool :)

Now take my personal list however you would like. But here's a legit article on this former survival instructors items. I hope you were able to take some from this. Like always stay tactical, stay sexy.


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