What Makes a Good Every Day Carry and Why it Matters

An everyday carry setup is subjective to each person. It's rarely ever a one size fits all.

A community has gathered around sharing what they carry in their pockets and bags on a daily basis. However, there are environments, situations and lifestyles that will affect what is carried and for what reason.

EDC setups generally seem to have a few core items, but choices vary because of those factors. Here are a few that tend to be more common.

Every Day Carry EDC Tactical Gear

  • Knife
  • Flashlight
  • Phone
  • Keys
  • Multtiool
  • Wallet

Theres a balance between aesthetics and functionality when it comes to the exotic realm of Every Day Carry items. You want something that will be able to serve its function, all while staying minimalistic and visually appealing. There's a tough median to decide upon. 

I would personally recommend carrying the bare essentials. Now your life will be different from mine. Some days im at the range, other days im fishing on the jetties with the high tide waves smacking me in the face. I pick what my carry is depending on the day, the season, and how I am feeling. BIG TIP Do not bring your $100 spyderco to the Jetties. I paid my sea tax last summer faster than I could even blink. After losing one of my favorite knives I quickly learned that when Im fishing on top of rocks, Ill save myself the trouble and bring my $5 pocket knife that I got from Amazon.

Why should you have an EDC? Well it keeps your life simple. There are some things I need on a daily basis. Without it my life is alot harder than it would be without. My own EDC collection provides me with the tools I need to support my daily routines. 

If i'm not fishing, shooting, or doing something crazy that day and Im being civilized (For once ;)) I keep the bare essentials. A small utility knife to open packages and letters, my smart phone which in itself is about 100 different tools, my keys, my wallet, and a watch. Don't go crazy with your EDC this isn't a competition, even though half of those facebook groups think it is. Carry what you are comfortable with and stay minimal. 

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